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Soaring Comfort: How Eagle Lifts Revolutionise Travel for Passengers Requiring Medical Assistance

Soaring Comfort: How Eagle Lifts Revolutionise Travel for Passengers Requiring Medical Assistance

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Soaring Comfort: How Eagle Lifts Revolutionise Travel for Passengers Requiring Medical Assistance

Traveling by air can be an exhilarating experience, but for passengers with medical conditions that necessitate a stretcher, it has often been a challenging endeavour. However, thanks to the innovative solution of hoists such as Qantas’ “eagle lift” onboard commercial flights, those who once required a stretcher can now enjoy a more comfortable and dignified journey in business class. This ground-breaking technology, coupled with specialised medical support, opens new possibilities for a wider range of passengers to explore the world.

The Eagle Lift: What is it?

An eagle lift, also known as an onboard patient transfer system, is a state-of-the-art mechanism designed to transport passengers with medical needs from their wheelchair to a specially designed seat. The technology uses a combination of hoists, slings, and harnesses to lift passengers securely and gently, allowing them to travel in comfort without needing a traditional stretcher.

Enhancing Comfort in Business Class

Historically, passengers with medical conditions that required lying flat were confined to a stretcher in the aircraft’s area, depriving them of the amenities and comfort offered at the rear of the main cabin. With the introduction of eagle lifts, passengers can now enjoy the luxury of business class or even first-class seats. By providing a more accommodating environment, airlines are demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity and accessible travel.

Upper Body Control with Torso Harness

The onboard patient transfer system also addresses concerns related to upper body control during the journey. For passengers with limited mobility or specific medical requirements, a torso harness can be used to provide additional support and stability while seated for take-off and landing. This ensures the passenger’s safety and comfort throughout the flight, making it a viable solution for a broader spectrum of medical conditions.

Specialised Medical Support: Ensuring Safety and Care

To facilitate a smooth journey for passengers using hoist systems such as the eagle lift, Southern Cross Assist can offer the expertise of a medical escort or a specialised medical team.  Our professionals are trained to provide the necessary medical care and assistance throughout the flight. From administering medications to monitoring vital signs, our medical team ensures that the passenger’s medical needs are adequately met.

Advantages of Eagle Lifts for Passengers

1. Enhanced Dignity: Traveling in a stretcher can be undignified and uncomfortable for passengers. The eagle lift allows them to maintain a sense of independence and pride during their journey.

2. Accessibility: Eagle lifts enable passengers with medical conditions to access the same travel options as any other traveller, promoting inclusivity in air travel.

3. Reduced Stress: For both the passenger and their family, the ability to travel in a more comfortable manner significantly reduces stress and anxiety associated with medical travel.

4. Expedited Medical Transport: With the eagle lift option available on commercial flights, the process of organising specialised medical transportation becomes faster and more streamlined.


The introduction of eagle lifts on commercial flights is a game-changer for passengers with medical conditions that previously required a stretcher. This innovative technology not only allows these passengers to travel in business class with dignity and comfort but also promotes a more inclusive and accessible approach to air travel.

The use of torso harnesses and the presence of specialised medical teams further ensure that passengers receive the necessary care and support during their journey. As airlines continue to prioritise passenger well-being and improve their services, the eagle lift represents a significant step forward in making air travel a seamless and enjoyable experience for all passengers, regardless of their medical needs.