About Us

At Southern Cross Assist we have a highly trained team of nurses and doctors with extensive knowledge in aeromedical repatriation services.  With a combined 15 years experience we are passionate about ensuring that our clients’ needs are not only met but exceeded.    

We provide the most appropriate medical & nursing teams to assist with all of your repatriations needs on a commercial aircraft.   

With significant experience in both the Australian insurance and healthcare sectors we have a unique understanding of both insurance policy requirements and funding restraints in the healthcare system.    Often it can be difficult to mitigate the cost of healthcare.  Through rapid repatriation we can minimise your costs, decrease the length of hospital stay and swiftly and safely return a patient to their home location.  ​We understand the complexities of commercial repatriation and appreciate that every case is unique. 

 Taking a flexible approach to case management we offer a range of services specific to your requirements.  Whether you’re an individual or a large organisation requiring assistance we can tailor a cost effective solution for you.  

Meet Our Team

Dr Colin Myers

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Colin Myers has been a FACEM for over 28 years, also working as the Director of Emergency Department at Prince Charles Hospital, as well as Executive Director of the Critical care Stream of the Metro North Health Service. Colin has extensive experience in retrieval medicine, guiding the development of Critical Care Retrieval Services in the Northern Territory, as well as a RAAF Squadron leader for Aeromedical evacuations. Southern Cross Assist are honoured to have Colin Myers as their medical director.

Brooke Norton


Brooke Norton is an experienced aeromedical nurse, with more than 14 years experience working as an Emergency Nurse, and 8 years experience in the medical travel assistance field. Brooke has an impressive list of experience, from working on cruise ships to a retrieval nurse for a large international Travel Insurance company. Brooke completed her Masters in Public Health, majoring in Aeromedical retrievals in 2014 and helped set up Southern Cross Assist in 2016.

Melinda Byrne


Melinda Byrne is an experienced aeromedical nurse, with over 16 years of clinical experience, as well as 8 years experience working for an international travel insurance company as a team leader and Cost-containment manager. Melinda understands the importance of rapid repatriation and high quality customer service, and brings a wealth of experience to Southern Cross Assist, which she helped set up in 2016.

Staff Training, Qualifications & Experience

Our team is made up of doctors, registered nurses and paramedics with diverse clinical backgrounds enabling Southern Cross Assist to best match a patient’s needs with appropriate clinical support. We provide aeromedical training to all staff on commencement of employment with Southern Cross Assist including flight physiology and the impact of altitude on various clinical conditions.