Worldwide Medical Transport Services Provider

Southern Cross Assist is your expert medical repatriation and patient transport services provider. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, we provide a range of specialised solutions designed to meet your unique needs. From commercial medical repatriations to private charter flights and expert medical escorts, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless journey for every patient. Explore our comprehensive services below and discover why Southern Cross Assist is the premier choice for medical transport in Brisbane City, QLD.

Commercial Medical Repatriation

We prioritise the well-being and comfort of our clients, offering top-tier medical repatriation services designed to exceed expectations. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, advocacy and empathy, we approach each engagement with a personalised touch, ensuring that every aspect of the journey is meticulously managed. Our commercial medical repatriations present a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking alternatives to prolonged overseas treatments or fixed-wing air ambulance transfers. 

Situated in Brisbane, our strategic location grants us access to a vast global network of scheduled commercial airlines, ground ambulance services and other crucial patient transport facilities. With our dedicated medical escorts overseeing operations, rest assured of a seamless experience characterised by unwavering quality patient care.

Business class repatriation involves transporting a patient back to their home country using a business class seat on a commercial airline. This option provides a higher level of comfort and privacy for the patient, allowing more space to relax and move around during the flight.

A Business class repatriation is undertaken with a dedicated medical escort to accompany the patient ensuring their needs are met. Special equipment such as hoists and torso harnesses can be used to facilitate transferring from a wheelchair into the seat and remaining upright for takeoff and landing.  

Commercial stretcher repatriation involves transporting a patient back to their home country on a commercial airline on a stretcher installed in the economy passenger cabin, a curtain is installed to ensure privacy. The patient is transferred to the airplane by ambulance and will board and disembark the plane on a stretcher.

This option is ideal for patients who require medical assistance during the flight and are unable to sit in a regular seat.  Commercial stretcher repatriation requires the presence of 2 clinical staff to provide care and support to the patient during the journey.

Private Medical Charter Flights

Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability with our round-the-clock private medical charter flights. Capable of accommodating two patients on stretchers accompanied by a team of two medical staff members, our flights prioritise both comfort and safety. While our costs remain highly competitive, our commitment to excellence is unwavering—we ensure every flight is equipped with life-saving equipment, with paramedics and critical care nurses available based on individual patient needs.

For critical cases requiring specialist intervention, our extensive network of air ambulance providers collaborates seamlessly with us to oversee every aspect of the repatriation mission. Guided by our experienced flight coordinators and medical director, we tailor each transfer to the unique needs of the patient, ensuring the most appropriate and efficient solution is implemented.

Medical Escorts

Southern Cross Assist understands the significance of reliable support during travel, offering expert medical escorts to accompany individuals requiring assistance. Whether you’re a travel assistance company seeking aeromedical staff or an individual in need of medical accompaniment, our dedicated team is here to assist.

Our registered nurse flight professionals and doctors are available to provide assistance in business or first-class cabins of major commercial airlines, ensuring comfort and addressing any medical needs throughout the journey. Designed for individuals not necessitating full repatriation, our medical escort service caters to those with mobility issues or individuals seeking reassurance and support during the travel process.

Local Agent Services

As a trusted provider of medical assistance services, Southern Cross Assist extends its support to numerous international travel insurance companies. Our comprehensive suite of services includes guarantee of payment, emergency medical transportation, regular car transfers, private nurse or doctor reviews, visa assistance and assistance in obtaining medical reports. With a focus on efficiency and compassion, we strive to alleviate the complexities associated with medical travel, providing seamless solutions to facilitate a stress-free experience for our clients.