Summary of our Services


Medical Repatriations


  • As specialists in medical air transport, we can assist with end-to-end commercial medical repatriations or alternatively supply medical/nurse escorts for your travel arrangements. Please see a list of our services below:

  •   Commercial medical repatriations- both stretcher and seated
  •  Obtaining airline medical clearances
  •   Doctors, flight nurses, and non-medical escorts available for assistance on flights.
  •   Ground transportation arrangements - both ambulance and   sedan 
  •   Hospital admissions

Flight Booking & Airline Ticketing


  • With in-house capability to access and book flights 24/7, there is no need to delay the safe transport of your clients.  Arrangements can be made in business or first-class seating and, when required, on a stretcher that has been installed specifically for the patient.  
  • Our logistics coordinators analyse the seating arrangements on various aircrafts whilst considering the medical requirements of the patient prior to booking.  Prior to ticketing any flights, we will ensure that the necessary clearances are obtained by the chosen carrier.  Please note that all commercial stretchers require a minimum of 2 appropriately trained staff. 

Medical Equipment


  • A fully equipped medical bag customised to the patients’ needs will be carried by the escort throughout the retrieval.   
  • Where required, specialist equipment can be provided.



Quotes are based on fixed and variable costs as follows:

  •  Cost of the airline tickets for patient and medical escort
  •  Established daily rate for transport team members (medical escorts) 
  •  Hotels, meals and taxi costs
  •  Ground transportation (ambulances, wheelchair services or sedans)
  •  Oxygen, if required
  •  Coordination & arrangement fees
  • Admission arrangements