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At Southern Cross Assist we’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and exceeded. We offer a high-quality medical repatriation service ensuring that each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding.

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Managing Mobility During Your Journey from Start to Finish

Managing Mobility During Your Journey from Start to Finish

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Managing Mobility During Your Journey from Start to Finish

Embarking on air travel after an injury or illness can be a daunting prospect, especially when a wheelchair is needed for mobility. In such situations, Southern Cross Assist stands as a dedicated partner committed to ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey. We take charge of the entire process, from pre-flight preparations to touchdown, providing comprehensive assistance for individuals requiring a wheelchair during air travel.

We understands the unique challenges faced by individuals in need of wheelchair assistance and recognise the importance of a well-managed travel experience. Here’s how we take the lead in managing every aspect of your journey:

**Expert Guidance and Support:**

   Southern Cross Assist boasts a team of experts well-versed in accessibility services. From the moment you reach out, our professionals provide guidance on the necessary steps, ensuring you are well-prepared for your journey.

 **Effortless Communication with Airlines:**

   No need to navigate the complexities of contacting airlines yourself. Southern Cross Assist takes care of communicating with the airline on your behalf, making arrangements for wheelchair assistance, and ensuring that your specific needs are understood and met.

**Tailored Pre-Flight Preparations:**

   Our team assists you in informing the airline about your wheelchair requirements, well in advance. This includes coordinating with the airline to ensure a seamless boarding process and addressing any additional assistance you may need throughout your journey.

**Selecting the Optimal Airline:**

   Southern Cross Assist leverages its industry knowledge to help you choose an airline that aligns with your needs. We identify airlines experienced in providing excellent accessibility services, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

**Comprehensive Assistance at the Airport:**

   Navigating through the airport can be a challenge, but with Southern Cross Assist, you benefit from comprehensive assistance services. From security checks to check-in and boarding, our team ensures that every step is managed efficiently.

**Streamlined Security Screening:**

   We guide you through the security screening process, preparing you for the necessary checks and ensuring a respectful experience. Any concerns or specific needs you may have are communicated to security personnel for a smooth screening process.

**Boarding and In-Flight Comfort:**

   Southern Cross Assist manages the entire boarding process, from transferring you to an aisle chair to securely storing your own wheelchair (if applicable) in the cargo hold. Throughout the flight, our team ensures your comfort, allowing you to focus on your journey without worry.

Southern Cross Assist takes pride in being your reliable travel companion, managing the entire process with expertise and dedication. Our goal is to make air travel accessible and enjoyable for individuals requiring wheelchair assistance. Trust us to handle the details, so you can focus on your journey with confidence and peace of mind. With Southern Cross Assist by your side, embark on your travels knowing that every step is thoughtfully managed for your comfort and convenience. Safe travels!